Postcard from Blind Bay, BC

I found this postcard in Ibon antique shop in Edmonton and it got me thinking about how I could piece together people’s past lives though postcards. Judging by the handwriting, I’d guess that Lynette is in her early teens. My other clue to her age is mention of her sister and Klondike Days. This family…

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At Home on the Range

AT FIRST BLUSH, ALBERTA’S COWBOY TRAIL stretching from Mayerthorpe northwest of Edmonton to Waterton on the Canada–U.S. border, is the Wild West of your childhood imagination – a land of rugged cowboys plucked from a Charles Russell painting. On a map, it’s Highway 22, roughly 700 kilometres of Canadian driving at its finest, with dramatic scenery…


Christmas Bird Count

In 1900 Frank Chapman, ornithologist, conservationist and early officer of the National Audubon Society, suggested that instead of shooting birds, people count them. And so began the Christmas Bird Count, the largest and longest running citizen-based science survey in the world. Here’s how you can get involved across Alberta.


Eat My Ford-150

Corn and soya beans were the only edible food products that immediately came to mind when I thought about what Ford might be using in their vehicles.


The benefits of bone broth

Growing up I was embarrassed that my family ate food like cow’s tongue and pig’s feet. They would never pass my lips at all, never ever. I would skin up my nose and poke my index finger in the pot of soup simmering on the stove. Like so many immigrant families, Mum and Dad never…


Grey Cup Eats in Winnipeg

By Tracy Hyatt Edmonton. Toronto. Saskatoon. Vancouver (twice). I’ve been to five Grey Cups in five years and in all that time, I’ve only attended one Grey Cup game. That’s because for thousands of Canadians, like me, when you say you’re going to “Grey Cup” it doesn’t mean you’re going to the final game where the…

Urban Pizza

Urbano Pizza opens in downtown Edmonton

Urbano Pizza Co. might be a new addition to Edmonton’s pizza landscape but owners Christian Mena and Lino Oliveira are hardly new faces to the city’s restaurant scene. The duo behind the wildly successful Sabor Restaurant and Bodega Tapas and Wine Bar have opened up their first pizza shop. For several years, the pair discussed…


Canada’s Other West Coast

Austere lighthouses, salt-of-the-earth people, 17th-century colonial towns suspended in time – these are the things that draw travellers to Nova Scotia. And although the Maritime province is Canada’s second smallest, you’d hardly know it in the southwest. You can drive for days through the Fundy Shore, Annapolis Valley, Yarmouth and the Acadian Shores, stopping every…

Postcard from Williams Lake, BC

Another postcard I picked up at Ibon Antiques in Edmonton. July 31, 1971 Dear Mom and Dad, Janet has a cat who is expecting kittens and I was wondering if I could have one of them. Janet knows some people who have a horse and they are going to let us borrow it for 2…