Hip, high-end consignment store opens in downtown Edmonton

Despite what some people say of the city’s fashion sense (case in point: flannel PJs are acceptable grocery shopping attire), Edmontonians do have their own unique style. “When you peel away the big sweaters, when you look at the young men and women, Edmontonians are trend savy,” says Monica Ly, owner of Blogger Armoire. “People aren’t all wearing the same thing, the same labels like they do in Vancouver. There’s a lot of individuality here.”

Ly’s downtown consignment store opened days ago on 111 Street and Jasper Avenue, and she has meticulously curated sought-after designer labels from Channel to Gucci, as well as a beautifully edited collection of casual labels such as Gap and Banana Republic.

After working in Edmonton retail for four years, the Vancouver transplant has developed a clear sense of what Edmonton women want to wear. I peruse the racks and am immediately impressed by the basic sweaters, simple blouses and jeans sourced mostly from Vancouver. The colours are soft-muted greys, blacks and beiges, with the occasional smatter of basic brights. Yes, Ly knows what clothes her customers will hang in their their closets, but she also knows where those closets are. When she told friends that she wanted to open up a store, they pointed her in the direction of Whyte Avenue. A few visits to the area and Monica decided that the demographic mix wasn’t right for Blogger Armoire. The university set weren’t her target. “I wanted to open the store where I would attract working young professionals,” Ly says. Downtown was the ideal location. Surrounded by condo towers and apartment buildings, the Jasper Avenue store is a welcome addition to the block and I hope Blogger Armoire gets an enthusiastic reception from area residents.

Blogger Armoire, 11016 Jasper Avenue, bloggerarmoire@gmail.com, 587 520-7770

Open M-W 11-6, Thur & Fri 11-7, Sat 11-6, Sun 11-5