The best hamburger in Alberta, if not Canada

Prepare to argue with me, but when it comes to Alberta’s best hambuger, one needn’t look any further than the Chuckwagon Cafe in Turner Valley, just off the Cowboy Trail. The house burger is simple – nothing more than a coarsely ground beef patty with fresh lettuce and a tomato slice on a lightly toasted bun.

The secret is the beef. Owner Terry Myhre raises his own hormone-free Murray Grey cattle, a breed known for its small stature. Combine with Myhre’s secret spices, the result is a mouth-watering patty, seasoned to perfection. Eating it in a room decorated with branding irons and vintage Calgary Stampede posters adds to the flavour.

Breakfast should not be missed on the weekends. Try the flatiron steak and eggs Benedit or blueberry pancakes. Just be warned if you don’t arrive before 11 a.m. you could end up in a lineup that goes out the door.