Postcard from Blind Bay, BC

I found this postcard in Ibon antique shop in Edmonton and it got me thinking about how I could piece together people’s past lives though postcards. Judging by the handwriting, I’d guess that Lynette is in her early teens. My other clue to her age is mention of her sister and Klondike Days. This family likely spent Canada Day at the Harbour Motel Resort.

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2nd JULY 1975

Dear Michelle,

It is so hot around here, 90 F! PHEW! I got burned today. We went on a boat cruise. It was really nice. Tomorrow, we hit Vancouver. I spent over $15 in 2 days. I will be too broke to go to Klondike Days.

Tomorrow, since we always pass beaches, we will go swimming every time we get hot. My sister is in the worst mood. She ruins everything. I have to sleep with HER! (in a double bed) YUK! I gotta go to bed now! See ya! Luv Lynette

Postcard is from Harbour Motel Resort, Blind Bay, BC