Postcard from Montreal Expo 67

I found this postcard at Ibon Antiques in Edmonton. I imagine that Paulette is a high school student who went to Montreal in the spring on a French language exchange program. I figured it was spring because she says the weather is not too warm. Anyone who has visited Montreal in the summer knows it’s unbearably hot in the summer. The full-day of activities indicates that she’s not travelling solo and she’s on an organized group travel, such as a school trip. While the postcard was never mailed (which is where I usually find the date), I’ll assume that she was in Montreal during 1967. Oddly enough, she never mentions the Expo at all.


The weather so far has been nice. Not too warm but quite windy. My days are full. I’ve hardly time to sleep. I think my French has improved. I can talk as fast in French as in English. Everyone is shocked that I can speak French so well!! – coming from Alberta.

I’ve been going with Jean a few times. I also saw Marcel yesterday. The student that I’m working with is from New Brunswick and very pleasant.

Well I hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy yourselves. Must say good-night as it is getting late.


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