Postcard from Medicine Hat, circa 1911

I started collecting postcards this year. Most of my finds have been from local antique shops but I decided to cast a wider net and look online.

I found this gem on eBay. It’s an photo of Medicine Hat’s Cypress Club and the Canadian Bank of Commerce. Often I can tell from the postmark when the postcard was mailed, but this one is not very clear. Could it be from 1890? Not likely because the Cypress Club was established in 1903. However, the green one-cent King George stamp indicates that this postcard was mailed perhaps around 1911.

The postcard was written by Bart and he writes: Dearest. M. I arrived here at 12.45 and will leave here at 3.40 this afternoon, arriving at Saskatoon. Tomorrow at 4am. Am feeling better now. And hope you are not too lonesome. With best love Bart.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 12.03.05 AM

Why all the periods? Well Bart wrote with a fountain pen so they aren’t periods but rather a dot of ink where the writer pauses.

There is no street address. Just the town which is probably the only info needed at the turn of the century when the post office was the central hub in town. The postmaster probably knew everyone.