Breakfast at Drunken Ox Sober Cat (DOSC)

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Will it be the scrambled egg cassorole or the brown barley fried rice from the weekend breakfast menu of Drunken Ox Sober Cat? Probably both. Breakfast here is so darn good that you might want to consider skipping dinner the night before or come with a group of friends so you can try absolutely EVERYTHING.

From the millet porridge served with caramelized pears and chia seeds to tostado with charred brussel sprouts and chiptole-feta crema (both priced at $6), the breakfast offerings are like nothing served elsewhere in downtown Edmonton.

You’ve got your hearty classics, such as porridge, scrambled eggs and pancakes, but there’s always a twist that makes it interesting. For example, take the coconut milk pancakes. They’re served with coconut creme and coconut crumb along with Saskatoon syrup and strawberries. You had me at coconut.

Be warned: the barley rice and fried egg dish is definitely a two-man effort to finish. It’s a generous serving with big flavours that left me seriously satiated after one dish. But when the prices are this low and the food this good, it’s hard to not chow your way through the menu. Meat options include Yorkshire bacon ($5), chicken or beef sausage ($2) skirt steak ($11) and liver and onions ($11).

The two breakfast items I had – the tostado and brown barley rice – were sumptuous, and rank up there as the most delicious things I’ve eaten all year. We downtowners have few decent Sunday brunch options between 101 street and 109 street so this is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. It’s not too expensive and the menu is accessible to all, even vegetarians. (My bill for two plates and two cups of coffee totalled just over $18.)

I can’t speak of the dinner menu but I hear it’s a carnivore’s delight — heavy on nose-to-tail cooking. Looking forward to hearing about the lunch menu too. Bon appetite!

Update – Tuesday, July 24
I popped by afterwork for a drink and took a glimpse of the dinner menu. Basically, pick your meat, size and side – 3 oz, 6oz, and, I think 9 oz, beef, chicken, beef tongue, wagu and liver to name a few. The sides were beef barley rice (hello, again), russet fries, cornmeal spaetzle. There is also a late-night menu available after 11pm that offers a half-dozen items, including honey butter chips, PB & J burger, and soup in a jar. We were told that it was a temporary menu and I’m sure it will change as they figure out the downtown market. Again, best of luck.

Drunken Ox Sober Cat
So many different seating options at Drunken Ox Sober Cat
Breakfast menu at Drunken Ox Sober Cat
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Cool modern vibes at Drunken Ox Sober Cat restaurant in Edmonton